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An Insider Look at Auto Insurance

July 27, 2011 No Comments
Black & White Bad Day

An Insider Look

I won’t bore you with long explanations on how insurers set rates. Matter of fact, each insurer uses a long equation based on over 100 different set of variables to determine the rate you will pay. Some companies want drivers with a high amount of tickets, while others want a perfect driving record. Whatever your driving record is, your agent is the person most aware of what company fits your needs. Below are just a few factors that influence your rates.



– Like everything else in the financial world, credit is everything. The better you are at paying your bills; the more money you are likely to save on your auto insurance. It makes sense; less time insurers spend reinstating your auto policy for nonpayment of premium, less money spent to reissuing your policy.


Prior Limits Matter

– When you call and want the cheapest insurance possible, you will usually get 10/20/10, with a $1,000 deductible on Personal Injury Protection (referred to as PIP in the industry). This is one of the lowest forms of insurance. Typically clients with these limits are buying tag insurance. They will keep the insurance for a month or two then drop it, until next year where they will start the process again. This group of drives often pay the highest price for insurance. They cancel more often and have more claims. You’re better off buying limits of 100/300/100…better class of drivers carry these limits, which will equal to lower rates.


PIP Claims Will Kill Your Rates

– Have two or more Personal Injury Protection (PIP), don’t call me. Insures’ in the State of Florida are paying hundreds of thousands of dollar per year in lawyer fees to defend against fraudulent PIP claims. The State of Florida is doing little to help the industry protect against this fraud, so the insurers are passing the cost onto the consumer. One PIP claim and you are likely to be paying a higher price. Two or more will likely cost you your current insurance and finding a new policy less than the federal debt is unlikely.


We Know Where You Have Been

– Terms in the insurance industry is everything. The longer you have been with a company, the bigger discounts you will receive. Agents and insurers are less likely to give you a competitive rate if we see you switch insurance every six months. You’re better off going to your agent and asking if there is a more competitive rate. I’m not saying don’t check, but to save $5 a month could cost you double during a hard market.


Know Your Agent

– Your agent knows the insurance market inside and out. He/she most likely spends a large part of each day studying trends in the market. Befriending you agent can only help, when rates begin to rise. On the other hand; if your agent likes to hide on his/her office then its time to find a new agent.

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I won’t bore you with long explanations on how insurers set rates. Matter of fact, each insurer uses a...

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